Welcome to the World of Xanderpark Gifts where we make fun and unique clocks from odd and various materials.

Thanks for stopping by. You can also find our clocks in a few stores in the Kansas City area. They include:
Funky Monkey Corn Company in Gladstone, MO
Happy Rock Antiques, Booth #97, in Gladstone, MO

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When my grandfather was alive, he made clocks. They were mainly from wood but included other materials as well. Since then I've always like clocks and began this venture as I wanted a hobby and to make something with my hands. It all began with the cow. From there with inspiration from others, ideas, and playing around, the rest of the clocks developed to what you see today.

A bit about me... married with kids. I do consulting in my day job. We have one son and usually 1 or 2 foster children. Hoping to adopt one more and call it a completed family. For those unfamiliar with children in foster care, they simply need our love, patience, understanding, structure and direction to a better life. We love animals. As I write this there are 5 dogs, a Chinchilla and a bunch of fish. Have had mice, bearded dragons, birds, and lizards too. Thanks for checking us out!

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